RWS Introduces 7mm Remington Magnum Ammo

RWS Introduces 7mm Remington Magnum Ammo

Fiocchi Ammunition

Ozark, MO – -( RWS Rifle Cartridges, the world's only major German Manufacturer of hunting cartridges that produces 100% of its own hunting bullets, brings forth the RWS 7mm Remington Magnum ID Classic 177-grain round. Known for using the finest quality powders and components, RWS Rifle Cartridges' 7mm Remington Magnum ID 177-grain round provides hunters and shooters with the most advanced premium ammunition found anywhere in the world.

RWS' signature ID Classic bullet is specifically designed to combine shock effect and penetration into its target. By uniting two lead cores of varying hardness, the soft front end in the shape of a plug extends into the rear, harder and heavier end – resulting in an instant bursting of the front core, creating an extremely high shock effect followed by quick mushrooming and fast energy transfer in the body of the animal, making this round extremely effective for light to medium game. The torpedo tail of the RWS ID Classic bullet improves the external-ballistic behavior with its larger surface, resulting in higher flight stability, and the transfer of more than 2000 foot-pounds of energy to the body of the animal.

First introduced in 1962, the 7mm Remington Magnum is well known for being one of North America's most popular big-game cartridges. The 7mm Remington Magnum is a time-honored and highly versatile round, which when combined with RWS' innovative design characteristics and finest quality components, results in the highest quality performance ammunition on the market today.

Providing a considerable advantage over conventional mushrooming bullets, the two-lead cores of the innovative RWS ID Classic bullet are “married” inside a specially designed nickel-plated jacket, limiting fragmentation upon impact and ensuring a precise and accurate trajectory with each shot.

For more information on the RWS 7mm Remington Magnum ID 177-grain rifle cartridge, or RWS' full line of finest quality rifle cartridges made in Germany contact: Fiocchi Ammunition, 1662 Nevada Way, Boulder City, Nevada, 89005 702-293-6174   or visit

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