Ruger offers new chamberings, models for Ruger No. 1 rifle series

The No. 1 series gets new additions like the .308 Win, top, Lipsey’s .257 Rob, middle, and Lipsey’s 30-30, bottom. (Photo: Ruger)

Ruger’s No. 1 rifle series is getting a caliber upgrade, with the company adding in a few new cartridges to the rifle’s already robust lineup.

Joining the series is the .308 Win and .450 Marlin in addition to new Lipsey’s Distributor Exclusive models chambered in 30-30 Win and 357 Rob. The cartridges join the No. 1 rifle inventory which already boasts .450 Bushmaster, .243 Win, 44 Rem. Mag., 35 Whelen, 204 Ruger and 6.5 Creedmoor.

The series predominately sticks with a classic rifle look, touting American Walnut stocks; but the .450 Bushmaster does switch it up a bit with its black laminate design.

The .450 Bushmaster No. 1 shows off a black laminate style stock. (Photo: Ruger)

The No. 1 rifle series introduces a strong yet simple compact falling-block breech mechanism with “artillary style breechblock and under-lever. The combination, according to Ruger, allows the long gun to tackle larger, more powerful cartridges. With barrel lengths starting at 20-inches and topping out at 26-inches, depending on model, the No. 1 features cold hammer-forged barrels with precise rifling for accuracy and longevity.

Sportin integral scope mounts machined onto the solid steel quarter rib, the rifle delivers a stable platform for optics. The No. 1 rounds out its attributes with a sporting style recoil pad, grip cap and sling swivel studs.

Prices start at $1,899.

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