Robber pulls gun on drive-thru employee

drive thru robbery

When the employee ran away, the suspect simply reached in through the window and emptied the register. (Photo: Daytona Beach News-Journal)

Authorities are searching for the suspect in a robbery at the Checker’s drive-thru in Dayton Beach on Thursday.

According to an employee, the suspect ordered a combo meal around 8 p.m. and when he pulled up to the window, pulled a gun on the employee and said he was going to need all of the money out of the register. Instead of reaching for the cash, however, the employee ran to a back room and told another employee to call 911.

Surveillance video then captured images of the suspect reaching in through the window and taking the cash out of register. The employees told police they did not see the suspect actually take the money, but they could hear coins falling to the floor and, when they returned to the register, the money was gone.

[ Daytona Beach News-Journal ]

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