Revision’s New Aluminum Eyewear, The Speed Demon

Aluminum Eyewear
Revision’s New Aluminum Eyewear, The Speed Demon

U.S.A.-( In the world of protective eyewear and sunglasses, two names stand out: Revision Military and Fast Metal. Both companies have a long history of excellence and innovation, and now they’re joining forces to reveal their latest masterpiece. Revision Military has been working to develop the best ballistic protective lenses, while Fast Metal has been busy creating made-in-USA aluminum eyewear of the highest caliber. It’s time to hear from the companies themselves – let’s take a look at the official press release.

A Perfect Pair

Revision Military, a leading producer of protective eyewear, has spent years developing best-in-class ballistic protective lenses. Similarly, Fast Metal and its founder have spent that time developing premium made-in-USA aluminum sunglasses. With this collaboration announcement, the two companies have combined what they are truly experts in to create the Revision Speed Demon metal sunglasses with Revision’s new I-Vis lens technology. These sunglasses bring together state-of-the-art lens technology with a sleek, stylish frame.

Fast Metal was built on over 35 years of experience in manufacturing the highest quality metal sunglasses by its founder, Ken Wilson. As the pioneer of the aluminum sunglass industry, Ken created the first patented 27-step procedure for manufacturing high-quality aluminum frames. Today, Fast Metal is proud to offer the world’s first and best aluminum sunglass and eyewear protection system featuring field-replaceable lenses.

photo example of Revision's I-Vis technology
Example of the I-Vis Technology and not the Speed Demon frames

Revision’s History

Over the past 20 years, Revision has become the proven supplier of military protective eyewear to NATO forces worldwide. This new partnership with Fast Metal is a powerful relationship combining military and tactical industry expertise with the best aluminum sunglass design. The goal – is to create an eyewear protection system that customers not only need but want.

“At Revision, we believe in the power of partnerships and collaborations in bringing new and exciting technology to end-users quickly,” said Revision CEO Amy Coyne. “Our new I-Vis lens technology delivers enhanced visual performance, and we needed an everyday sunglass platform to offer protection, style, and performance. We believe this collab is just the beginning of our partnership with Ken and the Fast Metal team.”

Awesome Aluminum Eyewear

So what’s so special about these new Revision Speed Demon Sunglasses?

Man holding rifle and wearing Revision glasses outside
Man holding rifle and wearing Revision glasses.

Well, first, the frame is entirely made out of aluminum 7075 allow, which provides ANSI Z87.1 protection.

Second, it is available with Revision’s new I-Vis lens technology. This technology is an advanced dye formulation process resulting in a new series of lens tints that markedly enhance visual performance. More than a single solution, I-Vis lenses are available in six tints, each optimized for use in a different environment. Each tint is designed to increase contrast and elevate color recognition in specific geographic regions, doing so without the negative effects associated with traditional monochromatic lens tints. These Speed Demon lenses also come with Revision’s OcuMax anti-fog and scratch coating and are field replaceable.

product photo of Revision's aluminum glasses and its cases

Finally, all frames and lenses are made in the USA; frames are made by Fast Metal in Yuma, Arizona, and lenses are made by Revision in Essex Junction, Vermont. The product is available for sale today at and coming soon to Revision’s network of dealers and distributors around the globe.