Republican Party of Texas Fires Pro-Gun Activist

Rachel Malone at ralley
Rachel Malone at ralley

U.S.A. -(  Choice of personnel indicate your policy. You are who you hire..and fire. The Republican Party of Texas terminated their director of operations, Rachel Malone. Ms Malone was a grassroots activist before she was hired by the Republican Party of Texas. She was a passionate second-amendment supporter. She thought the existing gun lobbying groups in Texas fell short in their promised results. Malone started  her own, one-person gun rights lobbying organization. She monitored bills and asked others to speak up when she testified. She learned how the Texas Senate conducts business and passes legislation. She also learned how the Texas Republican Party sets the party’s agenda. Therein lies the problem.

In theory, local caucuses meet to establish an agenda and nominate  to state conventions. This was supposed to be the voice of the people talking to their future elected officials. In fact, real grass-roots activism challenges the powerful status quo. Democracy frightens the-powers-that-be.

Malone was originally speaking to pro-gun and conservative groups across the state. She explained how the political system was supposed to work. She explained how a politically active group could get things done.

That is when the State Republican party noticed her. When a county chairman was elected to head the republican state organization, he pulled Rachel along. Frankly, it was easier to have her inside their tent than generating activism outside. That was the thinking for a year.

It didn’t work out that way in practice. Rachel Malone showed conservative republicans how to press the Party’s grassroots-driven agenda from the ground up. What happens when the Party’s stated principles differ from the personal priorities of elected officials? That is when the phone calls start.

Our elected officials will follow the agenda set by the least in theory. In practice, these entrenched officials follow their self-interests. They want to promote legislation that matches their personal beliefs and the interests of their large donors.

It all comes down to money and power. These elected officials spoke and Texas state party officials listened. They wanted to keep their job after all. Rachel Malone was terminated the next day.

Malone wasn’t released because she was ineffective or abrasive. She was fired because democracy is inconvenient for elected officials.

That is a frequent problem. Rachel generated widespread excitement. The Texas Republican Party had an energetic base of activists and volunteers. They asked the system to follow its own rules and take guidance from the citizens. So much for theory.

I’ve written my own elected officials and said something similar. Politicians ask us for money. I write back and remind them of what they said when they ran for office. I’ll donate again when they live up to their own words. That frightens some least in Texas. And, it should. For now my wallet is least to them..but I remain an activist.

If I were placing bets, I’d bet on Malone remaining an activist as well. Contact her at

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