Report of gunman turns out to be 7-year-old with a toy (VIDEO)

Law enforcement swarmed the parking lot of a Chili’s restaurant in Alamogordo, New Mexico, not knowing what to expect after receiving reports of a gunman outside of the business. But as it turns out the so-called “gunman” was just a kid playing with a plastic rifle.

Wyatt Hooten, who is just 7-years-old, went to eat dinner with his family for his mother’s birthday, but as they started to leave, the family had car trouble, prompting them to have to hang out in the parking lot for a bit. So Wyatt got out his toy rifle, complete with a bright orange tip, and began playing while he waited.

Marcie Clancy, Wyatt’s great-grandmother, said he was just running around, like boys do. In fact, by the time police arrived on the scene, Wyatt had already put the toy away. But Wyatt’s mother, confused at why the cops were surrounding the place with their guns draw, inquired as to what was happening. It was then she made the connection and told them about her son’s toy.

Authorities stood down when they realized there was no real threat, and according to Wyatt’s mom, one of the officers sat down and had a long talk with her son about his toy and being safe.

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