Repealing Virginia’s Church-Service Weapon Ban

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Repealing Virginia’s Church-Service Weapon Ban

Virginia – -( We need to repeal the Jim Crow era Blue-law that forbids a person from having a weapon **in a place of worship, during a service.** (18.2-283).

While the Virginia General Assembly is not currently in session, and won’t be in session again until January, we can use this time to build up steam for the repeal next year!


Starting NOW, and for the rest of the year, we need to be educating faith leaders, and the public, about the church-service weapon ban and to get as many people as we can onboard in helping us to accomplish the repeal. It would be great to flood the Governor and the General Assembly with phone calls, emails, and letters all summer long. (VCDL will also be distributing postcards to the Governor at gun shows all year.)

Don’t assume that faith leaders and your friends haven’t fallen for the other side’s lie that repealing 18.2-283 negates any church leader’s right to make decisions about guns on their property. To win this we need to educate as many people as we can to the facts and truth.

To that extent, I have a copy of a letter from Delegate Dave LaRock, who put in the 18.2-283 repeal bill for VCDL earlier this year. His letter, and my cover letter, can be printed out and handed to faith leaders or distributed to your fellow worshipers, friends, family, and coworkers.

The link to the letter can also be emailed instead:

Letter From VA Delegate Dave Larock on the Repeal of the Church Gun Ban


Here’s VCDL’s webpage on the repeal, with ACTION ITEMS for contacting the Governor and the General Assembly:


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