Remington Adds Dustin Sanchez to Ambassador Lineup

Dustin Sanchez
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July 6, 2023 – Remington Ammunition is excited to announce Texas native Dustin Sanchez as the latest Big Green ambassador. With a strong competitive shooting background, he competes in several shooting disciplines from USPSA, Steel Challenge and Tactical Shotgun.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Dustin to the Remington family,” said Remington Ammunition’s Director of Marketing Joel Hodgdon. “His journey into competitive shooting sports and extensive experience makes him an ideal partner for Big Green. We look forward to this partnership as we continue to provide shooters with top-of-the-line ammunition that exemplifies Remington’s legacy of quality and performance.”

Growing up in central Texas, Sanchez built lasting shooting memories in the woods and at the range among family and friends. These memories serve as the foundation of his strong love of firearms and 2nd Amendment advocacy.

Sanchez now focuses on long-range shooting, especially field matches, and sniper challenges. His journey into competitive shooting has provided him extensive experience as a match director, stage designer, range officer, shooter, educator, and content creator. Remington is proud to welcome this new ambassador to its impressive lineup.

Visit to see how Sanchez teaches viewers about long-range shooting, competition basics and popular disciplines like Precision Rifle Series, National Rifle League, steel challenge and everyday shooting and hunting.

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