Recording Exposes Gun-Control Advocates Plotting Mayhem at Special Session on Guns

Tennesse – On May 16, 2023, WTN 99.7 FM’s Brian Wilson delved into the revelations from a secretly recorded training session held by gun control advocates in preparation for the upcoming special session in Tennessee.

This special session, called by Governor Bill Lee, aims to pass more red-flag laws and gun control measures within the state.

Wilson reviews snippets from the approximately two-hour training session, which shed light on the tactics and strategies employed by these freedom-hating advocates and their affiliation with Planned Parenthood.

During the training, one notable aspect that emerged was the discussion surrounding the presence of armed anti-gun activists among the advocates’ ranks!?

The trainers revealed that they had established groups in Nashville composed of individuals whom they “trust.” The recording reveals these individuals are not only “trained” but also “armed,” serving as a security force for the gun banners during protests and other events.

The irony of anti-gun activists relying on armed supporters for their protection raises significant questions about their underlying motives and intentions.

Beyond the matter of armed security, the training session also focused on a tactic called “bird-dogging.” This technique involves harassing legislators and potentially anyone who supports the Second Amendment, following them relentlessly to extract damaging soundbites or statements. The advocates consider this tactic a means of holding lawmakers accountable, but patriots know that it can easily veer into harassment and intimidation.

The involvement of Planned Parenthood activists in this training session adds another sick twist. Planned Parenthood, an organization predominantly associated with promoting abortions of live babies, now seems to have a vested interest in the gun control debate. We could speculate about the connection between reproductive rights and gun control, as both promote death… The relationship raises questions about the motivations behind their participation in the training session.

A significant concern arising from these revelations is the potential chaos that could ensue during the special session. Governor Lee’s call for gun control legislation has clearly attracted a diverse range of sycophants, some of whom seem prepared to disrupt proceedings and engage in acts that may be categorized as domestic terrorism.

The secretly recorded training session uncovered strategies that span the spectrum from legitimate protesting to potential acts of violence.

Wilson’s analysis of this training session highlights the need for thorough investigation and scrutiny. Key details remain unknown, such as the specific weaponry carried by the armed individuals, the extent of their training, and any potential affiliations with groups like Antifa. While gun rights advocates certainly have no issues with legally armed law-abiding citizens, WTN 99.7 FM’s Brian Wilson raises questions about the legality of this group’s firearms and the trustworthiness of these individuals, including their backgrounds and their credibility in ensuring public safety.

As the Tennesee special session approaches, it is crucial for the state legislature to be made aware of these developments. Adequate security measures should be implemented to ensure the safety of all participants. Considering the presence of armed anti-gun activists within the crowd, there is a real chance of a false flag event looking to lay the blame on lawful gun owners. The public deserves clarity regarding the true intentions of these gun control advocates, as their reliance on armed supporters contradicts their stance on stricter gun laws.

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h/t Tennessee Firearms Association

By Fred Riehl and AI technology. Note: This article was generated using AI tools and may contain some automated content aggregation and analysis.