Real Avid Gun Boss – AK47 Comprehensive Cleaning Kit

Real Avid Gun Boss for the AK47 is the most comprehensive cleaning kit ever made for the AK47 platform.

Real Avid Gun Boss Cleaning Kit :
Real Avid Gun Boss Cleaning Kit :
Real Avid
Real Avid

USA –  -( The Real Avid Gun Boss – AK47 is the only cleaning kit made specifically for the AK47. The rise in customization options and use in shooting competitions led Real Avid to create a real cleaning solution worthy of a competition gun.

Included in this kit is a proprietary carbon-scraping tool for AK gas pistons and bolts. An exclusive double-threaded chamber brush allows access to the hard-to-clean chamber from the muzzle and the breach.

Six threaded steel rods with durable black e-coating form a 28.5” rod with 7.62mm bore brush. Also included are a gas tube nylon brush, gas tube mop and a pin punch that doubles as a gas port scraper.

All of this is securely placed into a ballistic nylon shell that fits right into a range bag.

Real Avid Gun Boss Product Specs:

  • Six Threaded Steel Rods Form a 28.5” Rod
  • 7.62mm Bore Brush
  • Gas Tube Nylon Brush
  • Gas Tube Mop
  • Nylon Slotted Tip
  • AK Drift Pin Punch with Gas Port Scraper Tip
  • Double-Threaded Chamber Brush
  • Compact AK47 Scraper
  • 50 Cleaning Patches
  • MSRP $29.99

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