Rack One’s IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System Redefines The World Of Supplemental Nutrition & Attraction For Deer

Rack One’s IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System Redefines The World Of Supplemental Nutrition & Attraction For Deer

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Rack One’s IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System Redefines Supplemental Nutrition & Attraction For Deer
Rack one
Rack one

GRAYLING, Michigan –-(Ammoland.com)- Recent research has shown that whitetail deer have specific nutritional needs that change throughout the year, and that research has revealed that a simple five-pound bag of attractant won’t increase the growth of antlers nor will it improve your overall herd health.

Likewise, a single nutritional supplement used throughout the year will not yield optimal results.

That’s why Rack One has introduced the scientifically engineered IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System for 365 days of complete whitetail nutrition and attraction for your herd.

In order to grow healthier deer—which translates into bigger deer with larger, heavier antlers—hunters must supplement the animals’ nutrition year-round, and more importantly, hunters must target their specific requirements based on the current time of the year. A deer that is completely worn down and stressed after the rut has different nutritional needs than it does during the growing season. Rack One’s IGNITE system addresses those evolving needs with a comprehensive line of products that contain tailored levels of nutritional supplements such as protein and fat, but the most important factor of the system is how those nutrients are broken down within the deer’s digestive system.

IGNITE products have been specifically formulated to use a natural blend of forages

that provide high levels of protein and fat with a gradual time release of those nutrients. Studies of the average time between feedings have provided the basis for this formulaic approach to a slow nutrient breakdown in a deer’s digestive system. This allows the deer that feed on IGNITE products to completely benefit from these key components, even when they aren’t feeding. Just as the time-released-nutrient window begins to close, a deer will be ready to feed again and refuel its system. Instead of giving it a shot in the arm with a one-size-fits-all supplement, each ingredient in the IGNITE line has been purposely chosen because of its ability to provide the deer’s vital system with nutrients that break down over an extended period of time.

“We are the only company that is designing and formulating our products this way,” said Casey Keefer, vice president of sales and marketing. “Anytime is the right time for hunters to really start paying attention to the health of their herd in order to put themselves in the best possible position to harvest healthier, bigger deer the following hunting season. By pushing IGNITE products to their deer herd continuously throughout the year, hunters are ensuring their herd health for years to come.”

The IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System is not just an advantage for bucks, but does also benefit in their ability to successfully carry a pregnancy throughout the harsh winter months as well as during lactation. Malnutrition is a major cause of fawn mortality, both before birth and after. Keeping the does in peak condition allows their bodies to endure their pregnancy with a much greater chance for giving birth to healthy offspring. And for a doe, proper nutrition is vital for the health of the fawn to prevent it from dying of starvation during lactation.

“For hunters, poor nutrition translates into a diminishing number of deer that actually reproduce every year, thus shrinking the herd size,” said Keefer. “When the herd size shrinks, the competition for breeding increases, and when the competition for breeding increases, so does the natural mortality rate of bucks being killed through fighting. Everything we do here at Rack One is primarily based on overall herd health. When you can keep deer healthy, you are going to begin to see better results, bigger deer and incredible antlers.”

Rack One’s IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System is comprised of four specific phases— Condition, Grow, Scout, and Hunt. After the rut ends, it’s time to rebuild your herd health in the Condition Phase with Overload, the post-season calorie-consumption feed that helps your bucks recover from the strenuous schedule of fighting, chasing and breeding. As your deer herd stabilizes, the Grow Phase begins with Xcellerator, which is packed with the minerals and nutrients that promote herd health and growth while maximizing antler development among the bucks. When it’s time to set out the trail cams, it’s also time to begin the Scout Phase with the protein and fat-packed Chaos. In Hunt Phase, you’re ready to reign in those deer with Rut Fuel and Acorn Crush, the extremely powerful premium attractants that bring the deer to the foot of your stand and keep them there.

IGNITE your deer herd now with this year-round Whitetail Hunting System. Remember, success in this business is measured in inches. Don’t come up short.

About Rack One:
Headquartered in Grayling, Michigan, Rack One LLC is a family-owned and operated company with a combined 60 years of devotion to the hunting industry. Check out all of Rack One’s fine products at your local retailer or online at www.huntrack1.com. For more information, contact: Rack One, 7756 Arcari Trail, Grayling, MI 49738; or e-mail info@huntrack1.com.

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