Racing Legend Richard Childress Resigns from NRA Board of Directors Position

Richard Childress
Richard Childress,

USA – -( In the continuing NRA Board conflict, yesterday Richard Childress, former NASCAR driver and the current team owner of Richard Childress Racing released his NRA Board of Director resignation letter to NRA President Carolyn D. Meadows.

Childress was at one time was on track to be a future NRA president, but with the spring 2019 resignation as NRA President by Oliver North and the shake-up of the NRA Board Executive Team, those succession plans were undone.

Childress stated the following on his ability to serve on the NRA board “[when] I am no longer able to fully engage in any commitment I have made, it becomes time for me to step down. I have reached that point in my ability to continue to serve the NRA. As such I must resign.”

It is unclear who will fill the now open seats as potential candidates like Adam Kraut have turned down the open positions and it may be an opportunity to reduce the overall size of the NRA Board of Directors.

Earlier in August of 2019 three popular grass-roots leading board members resigned as well as there are reports that Craig Morgan has also resigned and Julie Golob announced last week she will not be completing the full term of her Directorship.

Leaving current NRA President Carolyn D. Meadows holding the record for having the most active duty NRA Board members resign under her leadership.

Below is Richard Childress’ resignation letter.

Richard Childress NRA Board if Director Resignation Letter