Press Covers for North Carolina Sheriff’s ‘Firing Squad’ ~ VIDEO


Does this look like a suspect "confronting" police and "forcing" them to open fire? (Screenshot from "Firing Squad at 5 A.M./DRenegade)
Does this look like a suspect “confronting” police and “forcing” them to open fire? (Screenshot from “Firing Squad at 5 A.M./DRenegade)

U.S.A. – -( In late December, members of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and Indian Police Department SWAT team claim in a press release posted on Facebook that an “armed suspect” present the potential for a hostage situation” combined with “unsuccessful attempts to make contact with the alleged shooter” resulted in the “suspected shooter” being shot after he “engaged in a verbal altercation with officers and emerged from a camper trailer and confronted officers.”

“Jason Harley Kloepfer, age 41, of 1790 Upper Bear Paw Road, Murphy, NC has been charged with Communicating Threats and Resist, Obstruct, and Delay,” the release continues. “The matter remains under investigation and more charges may follow.”

“Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office limited who can comment on this post,” a Facebook notice adds.

An unquestioning media dutifully parrots the department’s story.

“SWAT team members shoot man who confronted officers in Murphy, NC, sheriff says. A man from Murphy, North Carolina is now recovering in a Chattanooga hospital after SWAT team members were forced to shoot him after he confronted officers, according to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office,” ABC 13 News “reported.”

“The sheriff’s office says Kloepfer eventually came outside and confronted officers, forcing them to shoot the suspect,” Local 3 News mirrors.

‘Fetch Your News’ skipped with the rewrite and just posted the sheriff’s press release.

“If anyone has any information about this incident please contact the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Investigation’s Division at 828 837-2589,” the Sheriff’s Office Facebook post ends.

Here’s some information:

A video from a camera inside Kloepfer’s trailer recorded the entire incident.

Starting with him and his female companion being roused from slumber by a remote control camera robot placed inside by police trying to scope out what was happening inside. He doesn’t grab a gun, he lights a cigarette. He turns on the inside lights before opening the door to see who is outside in the dark, making himself a target for whoever is out there, hardly the actions of an armed suspect preparing for a confrontation. Holding the police robot that he picked up from his floor, and with hands raised, he calls out to find out who is there and is immediately cut down in a hail of bullets.

Watch it for yourself.  Do you see attempts to communicate being rebuffed by anyone but the police? Do you see a hostage? Do you see a gun held by anyone but the police? Do you see a confrontation? Do you see Kloepfer “forcing” anyone to shoot him like the “news” is telling people?

Or do you see a firing squad with qualified immunity getting away with what you or I would be charged with attempted murder for? I’ll stipulate that I know nothing about Kloepfer and the charges leading up to the warrant. For all I know, he could be a very bad hombre, a citizen victim, or something in between. That’s not the point.

If they can do this to him, they can do it to you, maybe over a pistol brace or a false “red flag” report. And how do you think it would be “reported”?

Is this the way we want the police to act? Does this make you less likely to “back the blue” and more likely to consider law enforcement the violence arm of those who would rule?

Who will you believe, the sheriff and a watchdog media that functions as lapdogs or your lying eyes?

Video credit: DRenegade

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