Pennsylvania Submits Firearms Registration Bill, Tyranny in PA ~ VIDEO


Pennsylvania – -( Pennsylvania Submits Firearms Registration Bill.A new bill introduced in Pennsylvania, HB0768, would boldly establish a gun registry within the state. The Democrats that introduced the bill areMary Louise Isaacson (D), Angel Cruz (D), and Mary Jo Daley (D). The Pennsylvania General Assembly has referred the bill to the Committee on the Judiciary.

This bill would require gun owners in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to register their firearms ANNUALLY with the Pennsylvania State Police. Owners would have to provide the police with the make, model, and the serial numbers of all their guns as well as pay $10/gun…every year.


The title tells you everything you need to know it’s known as the Firearms Registration Act. This governmental cash grab will cost $10 per-gun and gun owners will have to go through another background check for each individual firearm that they already own and you know they’re gonna make you pay for that. Oh, and the background check is the same one you have to go through to purchase the gun in the first place.

So you went through a background check to purchase the gun and now you have to have the same background check to register the gun and continue ownership!?! Hmm now that’s not all, you have to also give the Pennsylvania State Police your home address, your work address, your telephone number, your social security number, your date of birth, your age sex and citizenship…most of which they should already have anyway from the process of you getting your permit. This is all more information than you need to give to vote.

Now if the State Police are so bold to reject your application of the firearm you’re already own lawfully and legally own, you have 10 days to appeal and yeah you know where that’s going. If you are rejected you have three days to turn in your firearms to the State Police and you know if you don’t do it they are gonna come knock on the door.

Now some of you might say, “Yeah I’ll just sell my gun.” Well, you can’t sell it if it’s not registered, nor can you buy one and not register it. They’ve also made it illegal, under this bill, to have a gun and not know that it’s not registered! AND it’s also going to be illegal to have a gun at a shooting range that’s not registered.

It gets worse guys!!! The gun owner must keep all firearms unloaded and disassembled, or bound by a trigger lock. If you don’t do that you’re gonna be guilty of a crime! This even applies to homes without children in them!!

Now if you happen to try to better yourself in life and get another job change your phone number or whatever it is you have 48 hours to tell the state police otherwise they’re gonna come to get you.

Oh, did I mention in addition to $10 bucks per firearm, that registration is only good for one year you have to re-register every single year if this passes? I think you know what’s coming! There is no mention on how they’re going to enforce this by the way.

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