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The Ozonics HR-200 Unit
The Ozonics HR-200 Unit
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Lake Jackson, TX -(Ammoland.com)- Think of the time and care you put into scent control – carbon-based clothing, sprays and the like.

You wash your clothes in scent-free detergent. You activate them in the dryer. You immediately seal them in a scent-free tote. That's a lot of work. Then, when you finally reach your hunting destination, you exit your vehicle and dress in the field and spray down. Why do you do all of this?

No matter your best efforts to keep it clean and working, odors from pets, gas, food and the like quickly re-attach to carbon-based clothing, rendering it ineffective. The problem with this method is you're not destroying human odor, you're just covering it up or masking it. The odors are still present and continue to contaminate your clothing, and ultimately, your hunting area.

Many ardent hunters have turned to Ozonics to escape this rat race. The beauty of the Ozonics unit is that it does not suppress human odors, it destroys them. The HR-200 continuously produces ozone – a colorless gas and powerful oxidizing agent that destroys human odor and any other carbon-based odor. The unit is battery operated, which allows a small amount of electricity to be introduced to oxygen. In the presence of electricity, oxygen molecules fracture and temporarily turn into ozone molecules. These ozone molecules bond with scent/odor molecules and begin breaking them down instantly. Unlike carbon-based clothing, this continual destruction of human scent is what keeps you undetected.

Regardless of what scent-free clothing measures you decide to take, simply mount the easy-to-use HR-200 above your treestand or in the window of your ground blind and the unit will do the rest. Installation of the HR-200 takes only minutes, and a whisper-quiet fan will instantly begin projecting ozone molecules downwind of your position. This heavier-than-human-odor ozone falls through your scent zone, destroying it and making your odor unrecognizable to deer.

Could a passing buck get a whiff of you? It's possible, a buck may get a whiff of you when he's 30 yards from your tree, but the amount of odor is so small he will believe you're much further away and not a threat. Weather conditions and wind directions can change at a moments notice and in many cases they can ruin the best strategy for a particular stand or hunt. So while as mother nature can be very unpredictable, Ozonics is not. Hunt with confidence, hunt with Ozonics.

For more information on Ozonics and how this in-the-field Ozone generator is transforming scent control and hunting, please visit www.ozonicshunting.com.

About Ozonics:

At Ozonics, our goal is to make your big game hunt more enjoyable by helping you to avoid scent detection by downwind animals and to simplify your pre-hunt preparation. While Ozonics is the only scent elimination product that deals with your scent zone, like anything else, it is not perfect, as wind speed and fluctuations cannot be controlled. Furthermore, Ozonics does not pull the trigger for you. You still have to get up early, choose the right stand, get to your stand without spooking the deer, be able to draw your bow or raise your gun without being detected and make a good shot. Hunting is still hunting. You increase your odds of success with preparation, time in the field and good luck. Ozonics does not affect any of that, nor do we want to. We believe in an ethical harvest, quality deer management and selective harvest. We also enjoy seeing more deer and closer deer for a longer time. That’s what Ozonics is all about. A better overall hunting experience!

For more information, please visit www.OzonicsHunting.com.

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