Outdoor Edge Razor-LITE Replaceable Blade Knife – Review

If you’re looking for a stout razor blade knife, check out the Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite knife.

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- I don’t believe that I’ve ever flat out done an article directly comparing one knife against another but I’m going to somewhat do that today by comparing the Outdoor Edge RAZOR-LITE Replaceable Blade Knife against other popular razor blade knives on the market.

In case you’re Rip Van Winkle and just waking up, a few years ago a company came out with a replaceable razor blade knife. They were popular with people that couldn’t sharpen a knife. They were extremely sharp, but the biggest complaint was, that they were so flimsy that the blade would snap if you put any tension on it at all.

In my mind, Outdoor Edge took that idea and carried it to the next level by designing a knife that utilized the razor blade concept but on the Outdoor Edge Replaceable Blade Knife, the blade snaps into a blade holder that in effect not only holds the blade but serves double duty and acts as a stout spine. So we now have a knife with a replaceable blade but it has reinforcement so it won’t snap like the other leading brands of razor knives do. It more mimics a regular knife blade for strength. Great concept.

The RAZOR-LITE also has a wider handle so you have a lot more control. This is a big deal for big game hunters. How many elk or deer have you skinned in the dark under cold conditions? And most likely in the snow so your hands are wet, slippery from the blood and it is dark or at least dusk.

On a knife this sharp, I want total control. The OE has a slight finger groove for your pointer finger and the back/top of the spine has grooves to stabilize your thumb. The handle fills my hand and I feel like I have good control of this knife as opposed to other popular razor blade knives on the market.

The handle is constructed of Grivory which is a material that I have never heard of. It is made out of glass/nylon and has rubberized TPR inserts. While I’m not familiar with this material, I like the end product.

To replace the blade is a lot easier and safer than with other razor knives that I’ve used. With the push of a button, the blade is released. Here’s my advice to make it a safe procedure. Push the button with your left thumb. Approach the holder from the top with your right hand. This method is safer as opposed to removing the blade from the bottom side with your left hand.

Try removing and replacing the blade and you’ll be surprised as to how easy it is. Literally, in just a few tries you’ll have it down pat and be efficient.

Of course, it is a locking folder. I was surprised at how easy (didn’t take a lot of pressure) it was to unlock it as compared to a lot of my other locking folders. The same goes for the push button to release the blade as well as opening the knife one-handed. There is a finger stud in the back of the spine to ease in opening. Mine opens smoothly with no effort.

If you like putting a thong on your knife, there is a hole in the rear end of the handle. And, it comes in blaze orange so hopefully, you don’t lose it.

So my overall view. It is a nicely built knife. I like the feel of it. It does not have as thin of a blade as another popular razor knife so it won’t be quite as slick caping out your heads and skinning the toes/feet on bears, but it appears (while sitting at my desk) that it should work ok. Hopefully, we get a bear or two next week and I’ll be able to test it out. And as usual, we’ll wrap it up with the specs.

Outdoor Edge Razor-LITE Replaceable Blade Knife Specs:

  • WEIGHT: 2.8 OZ.

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