Opposition to 3D Guns Shows the Agenda is Knowledge Control

Wolf demands “commonsense” knowledge control. Or else. (PA Governor’s website)

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Gov. Tom Wolf, and state police said they’ve now blocked access to 3D downloadable guns in Pennsylvania,” NBC’s Lancaster affiliate WGAL News 8 reported Sunday.

“After an emergency hearing in Philadelphia Sunday, the company Defense Distributed agreed to make its sites inaccessible to Pennsylvania users, and to not upload any new 3D gun files.”

This is part of a much larger story that gained much attention when Defense Distributed “reached a settlement with the federal government in June that allows it to make the plans for the guns available for download,”  resulting in expected “Sky is falling” uproar from the gun-grabbers. That agreement is now temporarily blocked after “a federal judge in Seattle issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday to stop the release of blueprints.”

There’s also legal action going on with various states, as per the lawsuit filed by Defense Distributed with the Second Amendment Foundation “Sunday against the New Jersey Attorney General and Los Angeles City Attorney, accusing them of ‘unconstitutional prior restraint.’”

Back to the Pennsylvania piece of the puzzle, while Defense Distributed has not responded to a request for comment at this writing, Prince Law Offices, P.C. offers good analyses of what’s going on:

It also wouldn’t hurt to get more basic and note the “officials” involved in limiting citizen choices need to be identified for what they are: Oath-breaking Democrats interested in power über alles. That’s what PA AG Josh Shapiro, Gov. Tom Wolf and Acting State Police Commissioner Lt. Col. Robert Evanchick are.

They even adopt the narrative talking point language of the gun-grabbers, right down to adopting the “Commonsense Gun Safety” lie, and making inane promises they know will never happen, like claiming their infringements will “keep weapons out of the hands of individuals who pose a threat to Pennsylvania’s citizens.”

All their “best laid schemes” will do none of that and they know it. Importantly, so do the 169 gangs fighting over turf in Philadelphia, and their counterparts in Pittsburgh, who will continue to get all the guns they want the old-fashioned way. Ditto for the “18th Street, Black Dragons, Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, Los Solidos, Mexican Mafia, GGU and MS-13” in Allentown.

They also know that, like the Firefly quotation goes, you can’t stop the signal. Anyone in Pennsylvania tech savvy enough to actualize the Defense Distributed plans will have no problem obtaining them. And it’s not like this will have any impact on making firearms using more prevalent traditional methods.

This is all political posturing, because the “progressive” mandate is to go forward, to secure a new position, and use it to launch the next incursion. Setbacks keep them from doing that.

Plus it’s not like opportunistic politicians are spending their own money on legal challenges. Each time they squawk, a friendly media is nearby to get their names and pictures out there and to portray them as “doing something.”

This has nothing to do with “commonsense gun safety” and everything to do with control. It’s not just guns those who would rule all would restrict; it’s the very idea of guns. They’ve reached the point where those dumbed-down enough to vote for them don’t realize what their would-be masters are really saying is:

“We don’t trust you with knowledge. Best leave that to us.”

We expect that from citizen disarmament fanatics. Now if someone would only tell Donald Trump, the guy gun owners put in power on the pledge that he’d fight against this crap instead of adding to it

Et tu, Mr. President?

It appears the recovery position is he meant “undetectable firearms” — a moot point “thanks” to NRA “craftsmanship.”.

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