Omani Army chooses Beretta 92FS pistol for standard issue

The Beretta 92FS (Photo: Beretta)

The Beretta 92FS pistol (Photo: Beretta)

The Royal Army of Oman has selected the 9mm Beretta 92FS pistol as its handgun of the future.

Security intelligence analysis website Jane’s 360 reported a Beretta source informed them of the selection and that the RAO started its search for a replacement handgun in 2016. The RAO’s current pistols are mostly Browning Hi-Powers.

The 92FS was among four other European pistols that had been selected for a short list in October. All fiver bidders were visited by an Omani selection team in January, which tested out the weapons at company ranges. Those tests ultimately led to them selecting the 92FS.

An initial contract showed 4,000 pistols would be delivered in May, headed for the RAO’s special forces. Another delivery of 6,000 pistols is planned for September.

The Beretta 92 (or M9) served as the U.S. military’s official sidearm until it was replaced this year by the Sig Sauer P320.

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