Oh, Canada: Land of the $500 Chinese SBRs (VIDEO)

Canadian gun vlogger MikeTheVike compares one of Colt Canada’s mil spec 20-inch HBAR AR-15s with a Norinco CQA 10.5. Guess how long the latter is?

While the land of Molson, La Fin du Monde and Labatt no doubt has some gun laws that are a bit harsher than what we do in the land of Freedom and hot and cold running Kardashians — for instance they regulate magazine size, even on .22s, to an extreme — they do allow private ownership of AR-15s, which are growing in popularity. Though “restricted” in their use guidelines which make for extra regulatory hoops, nearly a million are now legally-owned across the provinces.

But importantly, they do not have arms embargos against China (or Russia for that matter) or the same regulatory feelings towards short-barreled rifles and shotguns that we have down here.

Which means they can pick up new $500 Chinese ARs with 10.5-inch barrels all day — but they have to keep them stoked with 10 rounds or less.

Anyway, see how the Norinco compares against the Colt for the money since you have made it this far.

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