NTOA Announces the S.A.V.E. for Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement Practical Track

Practical Track to be held during annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky, Aug. 14-19, 2016.

Swift Assisted Victim Extraction
S.A.V.E. (Swift Assisted Victim Extraction)
National Tactical Officers Association

Doylestown, Pa. (Ammoland.com) – The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) will hold a “S.A.V.E. (Swift Assisted Victim Extraction) for Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement” practical track during the 33rd annual Tactical Operations Conference & Trade Show, Aug. 14-19, 2016, at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. It will be taught by Jerry Mitchum, Owner and Senior Instructor of Survival Option Services, LLC, Wednesday, Aug. 17 and Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016.

This two-day, 16-hour operator program on the S.A.V.E. System is designed to enhance on-scene emergency care, recovery and extraction of persons involved in Active Shooter/Mass Casualty situations where standard LE and Fire/EMS procedures will not suffice. The procedures taught allow for rapid extraction of critically injured persons during an ongoing Active Shooter/Mass Casualty event.

NTOA's Jerry Mitchum
Jerry Mitchum

The course will be taught by S.A.V.E. System’s creator and designer, Jerry Mitchum. Mitchum and his SOS cadre have been instructing the S.A.V.E. System in various parts of the U.S. since 2008. Before retiring as senior instructor and full-time trainer for the Boone County Sheriff’s Office in 2015, Mitchum had been in law enforcement for 23 years. He was responsible for training 160+ deputies annually in street survival, high risk patrol tactics and weapon qualifications. Serving 17 years on the SWAT team, Mitchum retired as the Field Operations Commander, as well as the Senior Tactics Instructor. For over 19 years Mitchum has held various LE instructor certifications, including submachine gun, tactical handgun, tactical shotgun, patrol rifle, less-lethal, OC/CN/CS, SIMS, FATS, CQB, QUAD, Taser, tactical training, patrol training and hostage survival. Mitchum was also responsible for coordinating multiple dignitary protection plans in northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

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