NRA National Championship Sponsorships Available at Camp Perry, OH

NRA National Championship Sponsorships Available at Camp Perry, OH

National Rifle Association

FAIRFAX, VA – -( NRA's Competitive Shooting Division is now accepting sponsorships for the 2009 NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships taking place this summer at Camp Perry, Ohio. For more than 100 years, NRA competitive shooting has offered a wide range of activities in all types of shooting disciplines. Thousands of competitive shooters have gone through NRA sanctioned events to improve their skills, while enjoying the thrills that go with the sport.

Today, the NRA Competitive Shooting Division is accepting sponsors for their Camp Perry event allowing supporting organizations the chance to be a part of these memories. These matches, considered to be America's “World Series of Shooting Sports,” have been a tradition at Camp Perry since 1907. “Proceeds from Competitive Shooting Sponsorships are the lifeblood that will allow future generations to experience the thrill of rifle and pistol competitions,” said Mike Krei, Director of NRA's Competitive Shooting Division. “NRA Competitive Shooting Sponsorships will not only support the shooting sport and this year's NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships, but will provide firearms and shooting accessory manufacturers an excellent opportunity to market their products to thousands of shooters.”

While there are only three major Camp Perry Championship Official Sponsorships available, many other significant National Championship, Aggregate and Match sponsorships are available to fit every budget and any size organization. NRA Competitive Shooting Sponsorship benefits include a range of marketing tools to increase business recognition and visibility, including: venue and NRA website recognition, advertising in championship publications, award ceremony recognition, access to competitor rosters for direct mail opportunities, and much more.

These sponsorships provide organizations with a unique marketing opportunity while providing support to the competitive shooting sport.

For more information on NRA Competitive Shooting Sponsorships, please
visit or contact Woody Arenas in the NRA Competitive Shooting Division at 703-267-1469 or by email, Information on NRA's Competitive Shooting Division can be found at

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