NRA lobbyist in Florida hounded by death threats (VIDEO)

Typically county commissioners wouldn’t scoff at a septuagenarian receiving death threats. But then again, Marion Hammer is not your typical septuagenarian.

“Who the heck would threaten her anyway? The preachers? The teachers? The nurses and doctors? The League of Women Voters? The Moms Demand Action? She’s ridiculous,” said Leon County Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley to reports that Hammer skipped a hearing on a proposed county gun ordinance last week over threats.

To which Hammer, past president of the National Rifle Association and head of the pro-gun Unified Sportsmen of Florida the group’s state affiliate for generations, replied, “Commissioner Lindley would feel pretty stupid if I had attended the hearing and some whack job came in and shot a bunch people at the hearing trying to get me. Instead of ignorantly shooting off her mouth she should be thanking me.”

County officials last week voted 6-1 to go ahead with planned gun control ordinance that Hammer, backed up by the NRA and Florida Carry, argue is unconstitutional, citing that it violates the state’s firearms preemption law.

As for the threats, Hammer told reporter Mike Vasilinda that she isn’t afraid, but that they have altered her daily routine as her family has reportedly been mentioned as a potential target.

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