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Gun For Hire Radio Colandro
Gun For Hire Radio Colandro

New Jersey – -( Anthony is back from Florida, and ready to rant on this installment of Gun For Hire Radio!

Is the rush to Communism (a.k.a. Socialism) full speed ahead?! Oh yes, it is! Buh-bye due process! See ya later contesting unlawful search and seizure! Nowadays all it takes is the stroke of a pen or the complaint of a disgruntled acquaintance to make you, the law-abiding citizen, into a criminal. Meanwhile the actual criminals, you know those people who have been convicted of committing crimes against the rest of us, and those that are in this country illegally, enjoy protection from our own New Jersey Attorney General and governing douche flute.

Are you a resident of New Jersey that feels like the criminals have more protection in the courts and from the government, than do the law-abiding citizens? Have you or your family been subjected to the unlawful directives put in place by the sycophantic Murphy syndicate, vis-à-vis his head henchman, goober Grewal? Do you want the “Law of the Land” to be the unequivocal and irrevocable, Constitution of the United States of America, which fundamentally (and automatically) dispels the pedantic meanderings of a carpet-bagging, globe-trotting, socialist outlander? There are several places you can now go to sign the petition to recall the New Jersey gubernatorial election. It just so happens that The Woodland Park Range in Woodland Park, New Jersey is one those places! Come on down to Gun For Hire and our friendly Concierge staff will get your information and notarize your signature. If you want to oust Murphy, you can access more details about the recall here:

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NRA Legal Facts Website

NRA Legal Facts Website
NRA Legal Facts Website

Now for the good news! Finally, the NRA has decided to share the truth behind the fiction purported by the MSM, so go to for the answers we’ve been awaiting about all the issues that the MSM is exploiting. In addition to that, Anthony has received word that he has, in point of fact, been nominated by the NRA for a three-year Board of Directors term. Go to to see what Anthony can do for us! New laws are being drafted DAILY by the anti-gun lobby. You heard it straight from O’Rourke’s mouth; they want to take our guns. More than ever, it is so important to support each other! Please, if you haven’t already, join the NRA. Join ANY and EVERY group that promotes the Second Amendment, and unity and activism of us, the law-abiding gun owners. Anti-Constitution communists everywhere are rallying and make no mistake about it, they intend to divide and concur our country from within by turning neighbor against neighbor, and brother against brother.

Anthony knows, “Unity and activism is key!” So, support those who support us and help protect yourself against erroneous “red-flag” seizures.

Gun For Hire partnered with US Lawshield, a dedicated group of trained professionals that provide free seminars, free legal advice and free legal representation to the members of their program. US Lawshield does NOT count as insurance, but it’s something each and every one of us should really consider. If you are a member, US Lawshield will represent you in criminal and civil lawsuits resulting from your well-intentioned actions. Whether an incident was on public or private property, or it is work related and your employer disagrees, this is the membership you’ll be glad you have if ever you unwittingly find yourself as the “law-abiding criminal.” US Lawshield is ideal for civilian gun owners, security professionals, law enforcement professionals, Martial Artists, heads of household and anyone else that refuses to comply. US Lawshield has retained Evan Nappen, Attorney at Law, PC so you know that the best of the best are in your corner. You can read more about Counselor Nappen’s credentials here: US Lawshield memberships are as low as $10 per month, just go to You can also call (281) 603-0105, and be sure to mention Gun For Hire so you that you will get our family discount.

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