NRA Foundation to Benefit from Impressive Firearms Auction

NRA Foundation to Benefit from Impressive Firearms Auction

Rock Island Auction Company

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA – The National Rifle Association (NRA) and Rock Island Auction Company announced today the firearms and estate of Wilbur Henry Hoffeld will be auctioned on December 6, 7, and 8, 2008. The auction will be held by the Rock Island Auction Company in Moline, Illinois. Proceeds from a portion of this auction will benefit the NRA Foundation.

The auction will include over 1,000 Colts, 8 Patersons, 2 Walkers, over 350 Colt Percussions, over 80 Colt Brevetes, over 100 Colt First Generation Single Actions, dozens of 1877's and 78's, more than 300 Winchesters, 5 Henry Rifles, Civil War items, and more. For a complete listing and more details visit .

“This is a tremendous sale headlined by the Will Hoffeld Estate. We are very proud to be chosen to present this fantastic grouping of firearms,” commented Pat Hogan, owner of Rock Island Auction Company. “The old time collections are drying up and it was a fantastic experience seeing how Will surrounded himself with his collecting passion. His collection speaks volumes about who he was. Each and every firearm has a card detailing who he purchased from, where he purchased it, the date and usually how much he paid. The cards themselves are a journey back in time with names such as Red Jackson, Herb Glass, Norm Flayderman, Al Kelly, Bill Locke and others.”

Wilbur (Will) Henry Hoffeld was born in July 1920. After his father died in 1930, Will and his brother and sister were raised by his mother during the Great Depression. From 1942 to 1946, he served in the Army Air Corp, where he achieved the rank of Sergeant. A few years later, he began his extensive collection of historical Civil War firearms and swords, along with colorful Old West firearms. His passion for Colts fueled his extensive collection which includes a complete collection of Brevetes.

Will was known for his tireless research and quest for information about every piece in his collection. He won numerous gun show awards and at any given time you could find 4-5 collector enthusiasts seeking Will's expertise at his shop “The Eagle's Nest,” a military antique store in Los Angeles, California.

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