NovX now shipping Extreme Self-Defense and CrossTrainer rounds

NovX unveiled the all-new ARX Engagement Self Defense ammo series alongside a CrossTrainer model of ammunition. (Photo: Personal Defense Network)

NovX unveiled the all-new Engagement Self Defense ammo series alongside the CrossTrainer model of ammunition in September. (Photo: Personal Defense Network)

NovX just announced that its recently introduced series of 9mm ammo, to include Extreme Self-Defense and CrossTrainer cartridges, are now shipping.

The Engagement: Extreme Self Defense line marries a stainless steel case to a copper polymer bullet, creating a 9mm Luger +P and standard pressure cartridge. Spitting out 1,710 feet-per-second in performance, the 65 grain design flies flatter than lead and offers less felt recoil. The Extreme Self- Defense series delivers 26 rounds for $27.99 for standard and $28.99 for +P.

The CrossTrainer series’ function is built into its name, offering a bullet that transitions between training and competition. The copper polymer projectile is frangible breaking apart when contacting steel and producing less ricochet off steel targets. The lightweight 65 grain design aims to offer less felt recoil for quicker follow-up shots while offering performance at 1,690-feet-per-second. Available in standard or +P, CrossTrainer pricing starts at $27 for a 51 round box.

NovX says consumers will soon will be able to nab the new rounds as both the Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense and CrossTrainer cartridges are now heading to retailers’ shelves.

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