New rule, new scope–Nightforce answers the call


The new Competition SR Fixed 4.5×24 scope on the Unimount SR. (Photo: Nightforce Optics)

Idaho-based Nghtforce Optics announced this week the availability of a new competition riflescope, the Competition SR Fixed 4.5 x 24, and an accompanying mount.

Development of the scope, which is fixed at 4.5x magnification, was driven by rule changes in popular match formats, specifically the Civilian Marksmanship Program and NRA service rifle divisions. The new rules allow allow for a maximum objective lens diameter of 34mm, as well as a combined optic/service rifle weight of 11.5 pounds.

The compact scope is built on a 30mm tube. It measures 9.9 inches in length and weighs 15.4 ounces.

Nightforce Optics built its well known customization features into this scope. It has 100 MOA of windage and elevation adjustments in the precise, palpable ¼ MOA clicks.

Adjustment knobs are exposed for easy operation, with large, readable engraving. There is 20 MOA per revolution, and knobs feature the company’s patented ZeroStop technology, allowing the user to know that the number zero, when returned to without the knob in elevation-adjustment mode, represents their personal zero, regardless of how many elevation adjustments were made.

Parallax is fixed in the scope at 200 yards, which gives a parallax-free image to 1,000.

There’s a brand new reticle design that comes standard in the scope. The SR-1 reticle is non-illuminated, with heavy posts at three-, six-, and nine-o’clock. It has a 10 MOA center circle and 8 MOA cross hair that translates well from iron-sighted shooting.

To mount the new optic, Nightforce has introduced another new product. The Unimount SR is a rugged but lightweight platform designed for the Competition SR Fixed 4.5 x 24. This single-unit mount provides the nose-to-charging handle relief favored my most service rifle division shooters. The Unimount SR can be used on any 30mm tube scope.

Cost of the Nighforce Optics Competition SR Fixed 4.5 x 24 riflescope is $1,950. The Unimount SR is $260.

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