New Mike-102 AR/AK/HK Hybrid from Foxtrot Mike

As a long-time AK-lover, I obsess over anything and all things AK and AK-related – which is partially why the new Mike-102 has me so excited. (I also did a 1,000-round review over here)

Foxtrot Mike Mike-102

Foxtrot Mike MIke-102
The Foxtrot Mike Mike-102 is an AR-15 that feeds from AK mags and uses an HK-style forward charging handle. IMG Jim Grant

The Mike-102 is a 5.56mm/.223 carbine that takes the best features of the AR-15 and incorporates them into a firearm that uses the rock-n-lock 5.56mm AK magazines.


Because it’s cool and they can. Plus, given Foxtrot Mike’s use of their compact direct impingement system, shooters have a pseudo-100-series AK with a folding stock that has all the accuracy and light weight of an AR, but the cool factor of an AK.

Foxtrot Mike Mike-102 Carbine
The Mike-102 was available in carbines with both a standard 16in barrel and a 13.5 with a pinned and welded muzzle device to bring it up to the legal length. IMG Jim Grant

Speaking of which, the engineers over at Foxtrot Mike weren’t content to simply make a folding stock DI gun that takes AK mags, they also incorporated an HK-style forward charger because damn it, why not?

Truth be told, this gun feels like a Frankenstein rifle that incorporates several oddball features from other guns, and you know what – that’s awesome!

AC unity Magazine
The Foxtrot Mike Mike-102 feeds from 5.56mm AK mags like this example from AC Unity. IMG Jim Grant

While Foxtrot didn’t mention what configurations would be available at launch, they had pistols, carbines, SBRs, and everything in between on display. And the gun’s use of a rear Picatinny mount for stocks means that a shooter’s imagination and budget are the only limiting factors.

The official launch date for the gun is 1/18/2023, so stay tuned for more information.

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