New Mental Health Laws Discussed This Week on Gun For Hire Radio

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New Mental Health Laws Discussed This Week on Gun For Hire Radio

New Jersey – -( This week on Gun For Hire Radio… Gianni Pirelli from discusses the new mental health laws and the problems we face. Also, Frank Pugleise and Bella from share their service dog training and how we can help out veterans!

Dr. Perelli “a new law 81181 which was amended to existing law in which a mental health or medical professional had a duty to warn and protect if they believe someone is an imminent threat to themselves or an identifiable third party. This law gave medical professionals immunity from breaking confidentiality.

This amendment requires the same thing but now the mental health or medical professional must call a residential police department and provide non-clinical information like, a college student sees a counselor and the student is suicidal. The counselor convinces the student to go to the hospital for treatment. Now, besides calling the local PD for emergency assistance to get this person to the hospital, this counselor is also obligated to call the student’s residential police department and tell them he/she is suicidal and being sent to the hospital. Undocumented students would also have to be reported to police departments.”

Anthony mentioned to Loretta Weinberg that a lot of these laws are ambiguous and she said we’ll let the courts figure it out. Someone needs to be arrested with no due process, and have their guns taken away until he/she get to court and it gets figured out.

Our government is not contacting mental health professionals when writing these laws. The American Psychiatric Association’s 2014 position statement on guns specifically advises against the type of action this new amendment requires.

“Because privacy in mental health treatment is essential to encourage persons in need of treatment to seek care, laws designed to limit firearm possession that mandate reporting to law enforcement officials by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals of all patients who raise concerns about danger to themselves or others are likely to be counterproductive and should not be adopted. In contrast to long-standing rules allowing mental health professionals flexibility in acting to protect identifiable potential victims of patient violence, these statutes intrude into the clinical relationship and are unlikely to be effective in reducing rates of violence.”

Dr. Pirelli concluded in his book, Behavioral Science of Firearms, that “many media outlets provide disproportionate attention and inaccurate information about firearm related issues thereby contributing to the circulation of myths and misinformation in our society.”

Sandy feels this is not by accident. The Obama administration employed more behavioral psychologists than any other administration since FDR.

Anthony says people are afraid to get treatment for mental health because they don’t want to lose their firearms. Dr. Pirelli said half his career is spent doing evaluations for gun applicants. Mental states do fluctuate. These types of laws can deter people from, getting help. Ask the professional in advance if they are comfortable dealing with a customer that has firearms. Some therapists have stopped working with patients because their personal opinion about firearms is so different that they feel they can’t treat them. You should vet your doctors.

Anthony feels we should support those that support us. Maybe you don’t want to see a doctor that is anti-gun.

Anthony wonders if you can be denied a firearm ID card if you have a service dog. Dr. Pirelli said you can be denied a firearm ID for any reason by law enforcement because there is a clause of public safety, health, and welfare. Dr. Pirelli said a local PD would not take his evaluation of an applicant for a Firearm ID card because he is a psychologist. He asked the sergeant why because his officers get pre-employment evaluations and fitness for duty evaluations by forensic psychologists like him, so why isn’t it good enough for citizens but it’s good enough for your colleagues? He didn’t get an answer. All municipalities are different and you don’t know. Dr. Pirelli tries to go above and beyond with his evaluations using best practices to not appease just one department. That way, if it ever goes to court to fight the denial, the burden would shift to them to try and get the right expert to argue against these best practices. in River Edge NJ.

They take shelter dogs or problem dogs and rehabilitate them. The dog is an animal and can’t be reasoned with. They deal with the animal needs, the dog’s needs, the breed’s needs, and the human’s needs. They have a 99% success rate rehabilitating dogs to stay in the home.
Behavior Plus will train a shelter dog to become a service dog for veterans for free. Training the dog and matching to a veteran takes time. A current veteran who suffers from PTSD and diabetes is having a dog trained for both so it can smell if she is having blood sugar problems.

Colandro for NRA.

Anthony is running for an NRA board seat for next year. Go to and sign the petition if you are a Life Member or annual member for 5 + years.

Behavior Plus has been training service dogs and the dogs are taught when to behave differently if wearing an ADA vest or not. They learn to know when they are working.

Anthony asked Frank if he could break him of his food aggressive issues and if he could train Anthony’s staff to behave with vests on. to contact Frank.

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