New imported Hi-Power clone: The Tisas Regent BR9 (VIDEOS)

With the iconic Browning Hi-Power out of production after more than 80 years, a Turkish company has stepped up to the plate with an increasingly popular clone.

John Browning began work on the double-stack, single-action 9mm for Fabrique Nationale of Herstal, Belgium as an evolution of his venerable turn of the century handguns and, by 1923, filed a patent on his work. Though Browning died before the Hi-Power was fully realized, Dieudonne Saive completed the design and by 1935 the revolutionary 13+1 shot combat handgun was ready for production and proved one of the best-loved designed of the 20th Century, only recently put out to pasture.

Now, as covered by Paul Levy in the above from Brownells, the Turkish-made Tisas Regent BR9 now being imported to the states by Ohio-based LKCI could fit the bill for those who aren’t trying to dump a lot of cash into a collectible Browning rollmarked gun. With a barrel that measures 4.6 inches long, it features either an all-black Cerakote or stainless finish and sports wood grips with a distinctive logo. The pistol ships with two 13-round magazines and weighs in at 1.84-pounds, unloaded. According to Levy, they have found standard Hi-Power accessories work.

Price on these new, if you shop around and depending on finish, is in the mid-$400 to low-$500 range, which is cheaper all day than any new Browning HP.

For more info, we have you covered in layers.

Army vet and competitive shooter Graham Baates covers the gun in both a detailed tabletop review and after some range time.

If you are curious how its made, here is the Tisas backgrounder on their factory and techniques

And, for those faithful maple syrup addicted Canadian readers, the same gun is marketed in the Great North as the “Canuck” (not kidding), which is funny if one considers that over 150,000 Brownings were made by Inglis in Toronto during WWII and some are still in service with the Canadian military.

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