New High Speed Decapping & Swaging Dies Are Progressive Reloader’s New Best Friend

F.W. Arms attractive looking swaging and decapping dies look identical from the outside-the internals make the magic happen.

F.W. Arms Swaging And Decapping Dies
F.W. Arms Swaging And Decapping Dies

USA – -( Problems: Progressive and auto drive presses can be generally driven faster than their dies allow as the cartridge case (especially bottleneck cases) may wobble enough to hit the die or even cause the decapping pin to end up on the outside of the cartridge case. The same sorts of slowdowns though different, apply when swaging lead into bullet jackets. Additionally, auto drive and progressive presses can experience primer pull back enough to cause press indexing failures.

Solution: You knew there was one. F.W. Arms’ new patent pending primer decapping and swaging dies eliminate case wobble by aligning the mouth of cartridge cases for high-speed press functioning and virtually eliminate all primer pull back.

The 7/8″-14 thread 71/2 inch long decapper and swage foot die bodies are machined from tool steel bar stock and plated for rust free use. The top portion of this great looking high-quality die is anodized aluminum topped off by a solid brass knurled adjustment knob. A one inch diameter custom factory machined flat surface steel nut securely locks the unit into the press. Both the specially designed decapping pin and swaging die rod are fully heat treated to prevent fatigue, bending or breakage.

Reloaders can now utilize the speed of their auto drives and progressive presses with both and bottleneck and straight cases up to 2.25″ in length and up to .45 caliber diameter (0.45 inch for the technically inclined).

Bottom line: Much faster reloading and significant failure reduction. These new F.W. Arms dies are a win-win for auto drive and progressive press owners.

MSRP: $49 each.

“But wait, there’s more” ~ Ron Popeil-younger folks can Google him.

F.W. ArmsFW Arms is offering a special limited time the introductory pre-order price of only $35 each (sold separately, you need not buy both). Units will begin to ship in mid-April. This special offer is on their website.

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