New Build of the Week Breakdown from Rainier Arms – Fortis Mfg Rifle

Rainier Arms - Fortis Mfg Rifle
Rainier Arms – Fortis Mfg Rifle

U.S.A.-( For today’s build of the week we have a special rifle from our friends over at Fortis Manufacturing. This specific AR15 was assembled with international trade shows in mind. Utilizing the best parts offered by Fortis as well as some goodies thrown in from a few other big companies in the industry, this rifle is top of the line.

To start, the Fortis billet upper offers extreme rigidity to the platform and when matched with the Rainier Arms Precision Match Grade BCG and 16 inch match barrel this rifle is easily capable of making hits well over 600 meters accurately. The Fortis muzzle break fitted on the front is one of our top selling brakes and works well to mitigate recoil and allows for faster follow-up shots when needed. The Hammer charging handle, also made by Fortis, is a non ambidextrous option that matches well with the looks and ascetics of the build.

Rainier Arms - Fortis Mfg Rifle Upper Parts
Rainier Arms – Fortis Mfg Rifle Upper Parts

The rail system on this rifle is something unique in the vast sea of various rails and handguards. The SWITCH Mod 2 rail system by Fortis, offers easy access to the barrel, gas tube and gas block simply by pulling up on the lower tab and sliding it off. In some builds that utilize an adjustable gas block, the process of actually adjusting it can be a pain or downright impossible. With the SWITCH rail, once you slide the rail off you can easy tune the gas to that perfect setting. The aluminum construction of the rail makes it one of our lightest options we offer currently and when paired with the Fortis Shift short angled grip, the two make for a streamlined and highly functional rail system.

Sitting atop the upper is the Viper PST 1-6X24 optic. This variable power scope has been one of our top selling options and offers the shooter the power to increase the capability of their rifle. For a long time the options for optics were either red dots, high powered scopes, or fixed powered options like the legendary ACOG. Now, with more and more variable power optics on the market, things are changing quickly. Optics like the Viper PST allow shooters to use their rifle in a variety of different situations, whether that be close quarters or long range.

As we move down to the lower, things continue to stay interesting. The billet receiver is a matched set with the upper and offers some lightening cuts and flourishes that help distinguish Fortis’s lowers from others in the market. Something they take great pride in.

Rainier Arms - Fortis Mfg Rifle Lower Parts
Rainier Arms – Fortis Mfg Rifle Lower Parts

Internally the rifle is fitted with a CMC 2 stage match trigger which offers a ultra crisp feel with no creep prior to the hammer release.The clean trigger break has no grittiness whatsoever. When taking shots as range, spending the money on a high quality trigger can make a big difference in the accuracy and the speed of secondary shots.

One of the most noticeable things about this lower is the stock. The Fortis LA stock is a super light-weight aluminum and carbon fiber option that gives the build a space age feel, as well as matches the clean lines of the rest of the receiver. The stock comes with 3 QD sockets and a patent pending lever action design that clamps down onto standard mil spec buffer tubes which eliminates any rattle or movement. The design is truly one of a kind.

Last but not least, we have our accents pieces, enough to make Goldmember happy. Both safety and magazine are made by Fortis and come in a variety of colors. The safety itself can be purchased as a 50 degree or 90 degree switch which usually comes down to user preference. The end plate and K1 system is a special design that do not require any ratcheting or use of set screws. That also means no backing out and no failures. The ultra precision fit allows the castle nut to seat itself into place.

If you’re looking to start your next build right now, be sure to check out our site. If you want to find the parts used on this weeks rifle, check them out below.

Look out next week for our next build breakdown!

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