New Book: European Hunter by Dr. Lloyd Newberry Released

New Book: European Hunter by Dr. Lloyd Newberry Released

European Hunter by Dr. Lloyd Newberry

Sporting Classics Senior Editor Dr. Lloyd Newberry has achieved a record unmatched in the history of sport: hunting big game and birds in 33 European countries. No other sportsman has even come close to his remarkable accomplishment.

And now, in European Hunter, Dr. Newberry has written a comprehensive book on his hunting adventures from Spain to Russia, Italy to Iceland. Throughout its 400 pages, the book includes a wealth of information about Europe's game species, the best places and times to hunt them, along with fascinating glimpses into the rich sporting traditions of each country.

Whether your quarry is brown bear or alpine ibex, driven grouse or capercaillie, it's all here. European Hunter features maps and tourist information for all 33 countries, in addition to many tips for making your travels easier, less costly and more enjoyable. Anyone who has hunted in Europe, or who plans to do so, will find this book extremely interesting and informative.

In addition, the book provides a look at the fascinating historical foundations for hunting in the Old World. The author describes Europe's primary game species, where the best trophies are found and the different methods of scoring them. The author has visited all of the famous gun-making capitals and takes an in-depth look at the rich heritage of sporting arms-makers throughout the continent.

The book contains more than 200 full-color photographs from the author's adventures. An added bonus is the wonderful drawings of Dr. Peter Meile, one of Europe's preeminent artists.

A large, 9×12-inch book, European Hunter is a must-have for the traveling sportsman.

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ISBN: 978-0-9794853-4-3. Hardcover with dust jacket, $75

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