Murdered WDBJ Reporter’s Father Rate “D” by the NRA Eight Years Ago

Andy Parker
Andy Parker

Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington Va. -( His daughter isn’t buried yet, but Andy Parker, father of murdered WDBJ reporter, Alison Parker, is jumping on the gun-control wagon, including finding the time to write an Op Ed!

Mr. Parker ran as a Democrat for a Virginia House of Delegates seat in 2007. He did not respond to a Virginia Citizens Defense League survey, but apparently did respond to the NRA’s survey.

They rated him a “D.” He lost the race by approximately 30%.

In the first article, Mr. Parker says he’s going to make it his life’s mission to work for gun control. He will do so just as soon as he, er, buys a gun to protect himself.


Yet, Parker said that he is “probably going to have to get a gun” because of the culture in the United States.

“When you’re in the media, as you know, and when you are taking on an issue like this, there are a lot of people who take exception to what you are saying, so I will probably have to do that,” Parker said.

He does not currently own a gun, but said: “I don’t want to take any chances.”


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