Mud Testing the Venerable 7.62x25mm TT-33 Pistol (VIDEO)

The TT-33 pistol, a common handgun on the milsurp curio and relic market, is popular and was made in the millions but how far does it get on a diet of mud? To satisfy that question, Karl from InRange TV tosses one into a wheelbarrow full of goop and proceeds to give it a go.

Designed Soviet weapon guru Fedor Tokarev to replace the downright funky M1895 Nagant gas-seal revolver in the 1930s, the TT-33 variant was a staple of the Red Army and her Communist allies for decades. Seemingly based on the John Browning’s FN Mle 1903— which the Russians bought by the boatload for police use under the Tsar, the relatively simple semi-auto is chambered in 7.62x25mm, which is popular due to its performance envelope.

Still, about that mud, though…

To be fair, Karl’s test gun is a Chinese-made import that has had the mandatory safety removed and the resulting hole taped over. Fed with Polish ammo, it actually does okay for a while despite his best efforts to slow it down.

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