MojoTV’s Facebook Page Hits Over 1 Million Fans

MojoTV facebook
MojoTV facebook page
Mojo TV
Mojo TV

USA -( MOJO TV would like to thank the 1,000,000 PLUS fans for making it one of the strongest Facebook pages in all of the outdoor industry.

“Over the past two years, we have continued to experiment and test the Facebook platform to determine what our audience really wanted,” said Terry Denmon, MOJO Outdoors President & CEO. “The result is an engaging community that is sharing in the sports and conservation efforts of MOJO Outdoors.”

Just two years ago, MOJO TV had a few thousand followers and has since managed to build a Facebook empire crossing the threshold of 1 million fans with consistent A/B testing.

Additionally, fan feedback has been incorporated into the online content.

MOJO TV has delivered special rewards for its fans in the form of exclusive product giveaways and acknowledgement of in-the-field achievements.

While likes are important, the success lies in the engagement and reach received with the majority coming from video posts.

MOJO TV is constantly working on new and exciting video content to benefit, not only their brand, but their partners, sponsors and fans as well.

MOJO footage was originally used in demo tapes and became such a hit in the industry it was a no-brainer to share them with the public.

Facebook provided the perfect venue and the videos continue to be a fan favorite.

Click here to see some of the content on MojoTV’s Facebook page.

“We bring daily photos, videos and news that are entertaining, informative and useful. Just what you want to see; much of it is based on the hard hitting footage professionally filmed and produced by the MOJO TV Crew. And, we plan to continue and expand so please share it with your friends so that they can benefit this great platform,” said Denmon

Mojo Tv Crew
Mojo Tv Crew

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About MOJO:

MOJO has long been recognized as the World Leader in Motion Decoys and progressed as the leader in All Decoys. Today, MOJO is a company unsurpassed in bringing a wide variety of innovative outdoor products to the market that revolutionizes the outdoor experience.