Modern eyes on the vintage Winchester 1890 pump .22 rifle (VIDEO)

A classic gallery gun that sprang from the mind of John Browning, Winchester found widespread success with this innovative slide-action rimfire.

Following immediately on the heels of the Colt Lightning — itself designed by a New York dentist with an eye for tinkering — Winchester reached out to Browning, who had already designed their M1885 falling block single shot and M1886 lever-action rifle, and put him on the task of creating a pump .22 for them as well, to round out their catalog.

The little Model 1890 soon became a hit, with some 849,000 eventually made over a half-century. The basic design, modified slightly to become the Models 1906 and 62, remained a staple for Winchester long after Browning broke with the company and was called to the great gun shop in the sky.

With that in mind, Hungarian black powder collector and historic arms enthusiast Cap and Ball covers the Model 1890 — he has a nice c.1913 takedown variant — in-depth.

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