Meprolight TRU-DOT RDS Designed Specifically for U.S. Shooters

Meprolight TRU-DOT RDS

The Mako Group

Farmingdale, N.Y. -( Leading Israeli weapon optics and night sight manufacturer, Meprolight designed the TRU -DOT RDS in early 2014 specifically for the United States market.

Meprolight has a long history of designing, combat-testing and providing superior quality optics and sights to the Israeli Defense Forces since 1961.

Many of their products, such as the M21 optic are standard issue to the IDF. The Mepro MOR is standard issue to the elite fighting forces within the IDF, similar equivalents to the United States SEALs.

Recognizing the high cost of optics, Meprolight designed the TRU DOT RDS specifically for The United States civilian market as a similar, yet more affordable option to the Mepro MOR and M21.

Built tough, the 30mm FOV lens allows the shooter to quickly acquire the target while keeping both eyes open. The 1.8 MOA red dot has four distinct brightness settings to deal with any light situations. The TRU-DOT RDS features a sensory activation switch, which extends the usage of one AA battery to 15,000 hours.

In standby mode, it conserves energy. Picking up the gun automatically turns the unit on. The TRU-DOT RDS is compatible with Gen II and Gen III NVG’s as well as magnifying scopes.

At only $399 MSRP, the U.S. welcomed the Meprolight TRU -DOT RDS in 2014, where it rapidly gained popularity calling for increased production in Israel.

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