Mayors Scapegoating Guns for Failed ‘Progressive’ Policies and Own Criminality

All you need to know about how America’s urban “leaders” feel about your right to keep and bear arms…

USA – -( “The bipartisan U.S. Conference of Mayors passed a series of resolutions calling for more gun control measures during the group’s annual meeting in Boston this week,” Politico reported Tuesday. “The conference is advocating measures to strengthen the regulation of gun sales and dealers, as well as ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.”

“Bipartisan” is a euphemism for overwhelmingly dominated by Democrats and RINOs, used so they can give the impression that citizen disarmament is an American value. And of course this is all political theater, as nothing they demand will have the slightest impact on the violence that their own policies and edicts make inevitable.

Who thinks doubling down on FFLs will be successful at impeding the urban black market for guns? As for “assault weapons” (aside from “weapons of war” in the hands of the People being precisely what the Founders had in mind), the mayors have the numbers to know they’re blowing smoke.

It’s curious that Gary, Indiana, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, chair of the conference’s criminal and social justice committee, pretends that prior restraints and ignoring due process on “legal” purchases would make a difference in her city. “Ranked #1 in the worst places to live in Indiana and “#6 in the most dangerous cities in Indiana,” the contention that “red flag laws” would make a bit of difference is a fraudulent diversion, and a transparent one at that.

Known by the company they keep…

So naturally, Everytown President John Fienblatt is out there claiming ““Mayors are on the frontlines of America’s gun violence crisis, so it’s no surprise they’re also leading the charge to pass common-sense, life-saving laws.”  When it comes to mayoral frauds, the Bloom-Borgs have plenty of experience, what with so many of their commie-sense members wearing prison jumpsuits in support of the #WearOrange campaign.

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