Man calls in bomb threat to avoid bar tab (VIDEO)

A 40-year-old man faces multiple charges for allegedly calling in a bomb threat to a Pittsburg business Sunday in order avoid paying his bar tab.

Authorities say Barry Clapperton appeared to be intoxicated during the incident, and was taken to jail on charges that include threatening to use weapons of mass destruction and terroristic threats.

Police were called to Primanti Bros. after Clapperton tried to leave without paying his bill. Officers were waiting for a friend of Clapperton to arrive in order to take care of the tab when an officer noticed Clapperton make a phone call. The officer also heard Clapperton say, “There’s a bomb at Nakama,” a business located next door to Primanti Bros.

Authorities traced the 911 call back to Clapperton’s cell phone, and no bomb was ever found. Clapperton, who tried to flee as authorities arrested him, later told police that his friend told him to call in the bomb in order to distract the officers, so he could run away. Likewise, Clapperton said he wanted to run because he had an outstanding warrant.

[ CBS Pittsburg ]

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