Man attempts to kill deputies, blows himself up instead (VIDEO)

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Authorities in Kentucky say a standoff with a man at his Mount Eden home last week ended with the suspect trying to blow up two sheriff’s deputies with a homemade bomb, only to have the plan backfire.

Police were called to David Blake’s home on May 16, with the caller stating that an explosion had occurred. Michael Redmon lives nearby and was out walking his dog when the initial explosion happened. He called it a “doozy.”

“This was louder than anything at Fort Knox, I’m telling ya!” Redmon said, adding that it shook the ground on which he was walking.

But when deputies with the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene, Blake not only refused to come out, he started at the officers from a front window. Blake reportedly fired at both deputies, but neither were injured.

Soon thereafter, a second explosion occurred, this time with the deputies on the scene. While it was apparently Blake’s intention to kill the deputies with the homemade explosive device, it instead blew up as he held it and left Blake with a “severely mutilated” hand. The deputies, however, were unharmed.

A special response team was called to the scene and Blake was eventually apprehended and rushed to the hospital.

He now faces two counts of attempted murder.

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