Louisiana small town standoff ends after 2 killed, including police officer

Louisiana small town standoff ends in after 2 killed, including police officer

Law enforcement from across Louisiana responded to a small town where one of the local agency’s six officers was gunned down Wednesday afternoon. (Photo: Paul Kieu/The Daily Advertiser via AP)

Police have a suspect in custody following a rampage Wednesday that included crashing through a mini-mart with a car, stabbing three and shooting a police officer with his own gun.

The incident began when police in Sunset, a town of some 2,900 about an hour outside of Baton Rouge, were dispatched to a domestic dispute at an area residence where three women were stabbed, one, Shameka Johnson, 40, fatally.

There the suspect, identified as Harrison Lee Riley Jr., 35, was able to strip the duty weapon of Sunset Police Officer Henry Nelson, 51, before shooting the lawman to death.

Riley, as reported by the Baton Rouge Advocate had an extensive criminal record including drug and auto theft charges and in a tragic twist is the cousin of the slain officer. Nelson was reportedly a day away from starting a month-long vacation.

Riley is also the cousin of the mayor of nearby Grand Coteau, who likewise is a St. Landry Parish Deputy.

Following the shooting, Riley fled three blocks away before crashing his car through an Exxon mini-mart where he barricaded himself while three inside the store were able to escape.

“It went to hell in a hand basket from there,” said St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz.

After a three-hour standoff, police breached the mini-mart using less lethal devices including tear gas and took Riley into custody with slight injuries.

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