Kahr Adds New Concealed Carry 9mm

Kahr Arms announced they’re coming out with a new nine-mil pocket pistol, the CM9. It’ll be identical in size to the PM9, short and slim, but more economically priced at about $200 less.

What’s the catch?

The features will be slightly different. Instead of having polygonal rifled barrel, the CM9 will have a conventional rifled barrel (grooves carved into the bore). And it comes with only one 6-round magazine as opposed to two.

Also, the slide stop will be built through a process called Metal Injected Molding (MIM), a less intimate process where metal beads or powder is placed into a mold, heated and then the mold is removed revealing a solid object.

The good people at Karh tell us the CM9 will be available in March and should put you back around $565, but that’s not bad for a Kahr.

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