John Dudley Stays in Bowhunting Shape with MTN OPS

UTAH (Ammoland.Com) MTN OPS™, an outdoor energy and nutrition company, is proud to announce well-known professional archer and bowhunter, John Dudley, has joined one of the fast-growing brands to help shape the archery community in a positive and healthy way.

John Dudley for MTN OPS“I have been involved with athletics, fitness and hunting for 30 years and I believe that they have always gone hand-in-hand. For the past 20 years, I have also competed as a professional archer as a way to be a more efficient and accurate hunter. Through my years of competition I have always credited my archery success to physical training, supplementation and diet – and MTN OPS is a big part of that,” said Dudley.

“John Dudley is a natural fit for our brand,” said Jordan Harbertson co-founder of MTN OPS. “His personal commitment to help educate others on how to shoot competitively and hunt more effectively fits in line with our goals to help others raise the level of performance and educate on how to improve their quality of life through physical training, dieting, and proper supplementation. John’s positive attitude towards making a difference and his personal work ethic is what really sealed the deal when we agreed to join forces. We are both grateful and ecstatic to have him join the family and look forward making a continued difference in the outdoor community with his help and insight.”

Like many who use MTN OPS, fitness performance is a priority for Dudley – both on and off the mountain. “MTN OPS is such a perfect fit for all the people in the industry like myself who are on board with making fitness, shooting and the outdoors an every day lifestyle and not just a weekend hobby. The team at MTN OPS is constantly evolving their products to meet the demands of the outdoor athletes. These supplements are something I take every day as part of my routine and I can certainly tell the difference when I’m not providing these key nutrients and building blocks to my body,” concluded Dudley.

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