Jersey City Shooting : Life or Death Pop Quiz. Are Your Prepared? VIDEO DUMP


Ft Collins, CO –-( Jersey City Shooting:

We now know why there has been “dead silence” from the liberal media, as well as from NJ’s liberal governor, with regard to two dead black-clad domestic terrorists armed with rifles, who this week murdered a local police officer, then invaded a kosher deli and murdered the owner’s wife, as well as a patron and employee.

The deli was not a “random target!”

The murderers were Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI), deflating hyper-ventilating media leftists who were wildly salivating as they prepared to falsely report it was MAGA-hat-wearing “white supremacists.”

BHI claims to be the authentic ascendants of ancient biblical Hebrews, and they profess that modern-day Jews are sinister imposters. The movement, like so many nut-case cults, dates from the late 1800s.

Cop drops his gun in this one video?

All of us “normal” people, Jews, Christians, agnostics, et al, need to be thinking:

Am I prepared, right now, to confront and successfully repel, with gunfire when necessary, these armed, hyper-violent criminals, when they “pop-in” without warning?

The day when YOUR favorite grocery store (or your home) is without warning wantonly attacked by murderous ideologues, for no logical reason that would make sense to any normal person, and YOU are trapped inside and in the line of fire, are YOU adequately equipped, and fit, to fight successfully and be victorious, by yourself, and without help from police, nor anyone else?

Or, will you fail the “pop quiz” of your lifetime?

Hint: “quiz-poppers” will not be offering “re-takes!”

“There seemed no logical reason in 1939 for Hitler to start a war,… and yet he did! And, he started it with a world that was practically unprepared” ~ James Forrestal


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