It is safe to say #DownloadableDeath is being hijacked from anti-gun groups

A hashtag coined by a Hollywood actress turned activist to stir up opposition to 3D gun files has taken on a life of its own

Alyssa Milano, the former “Who’s the Boss” child actress, termed digital firearm files in a recent CNN editorial “Downloadable Death” and started promoting her piece on social media with a matching hashtag. Active in the NoRA organization with an aim to counter the National Rifle Association, the group also began using the tag this week as well.

The tag was soon picked up by like-minded groups

And other activists.

As well as by Milano in her continuing coverage of the subject to her twitter followers.

But soon morphed into use by those a little critical of the buzz around 3D gun files.

Those who thought the name was epic in terms of gun culture and counter-conformity.

Meanwhile, others pointed out what they felt were holes in the logic of keeping a lid on gun files, many of which have been in circulation for generations.

Others also directly associated the hashtag with Milano’s body of acting, referencing the 1980s sitcom she is most often associated with as well as her direct-to-video film Public Enemies, a review of which when it was released included the words “pointless,” “lame-brain,” and graced with a “lightweight cast.”

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