Introducing the New Two-Seater TORQ VLE

Two-Seater TORQ VLE Electric Vehicle
Two-Seater TORQ VLE Electric Vehicle

Birmingham, AL -( As a result of requests from outdoorsmen and women around the country, TORQ is introducing the new two-seater TORQ VLE electric vehicle.

Now both the driver and a passenger can enjoy a swift, silent and stable ride on a rugged off-road trail. This new two-seat version boasts a number of upgrades designed to make the TORQ faster, lighter and quieter than ever.

The new side x side TORQ will be equipped with a 48-volt AC Brushless motor from Advanced Motors and Drives, a Curtis 1236 450 Amp AC motor controller, a fully documented whole car logic wiring harness and a Curtis dash display with speed, mileage, time and battery percentage readout, all of which is engineered and built in the USA. This system also includes regenerative braking and a selectable ECO/SPEED switch for greater versatility in the great outdoors.

TORQ has also joined forces with Crown Battery Company, the premium US manufacturer of industrial grade AGM batteries, and will be using eight of its 6-volt sealed AGM maintenance-free batteries, along with an On Board Charger designed specifically for recreational EV's like the TORQ VLE.

The TORQ satisfies one's need for speed with a swift, silent and stable machine that leaves all others in the dust, with an eye toward driver safety at all times. This electric vehicle is perfect for driving to and from your treestand or hunting setup, or for exploring trails and dirt roads.

The TORQ's light weight makes it easier to transport and maneuver than other electric vehicles of similar size. With the industry's lightest overall weight, the TORQ can out-handle, out-accelerate and out-brake all other off-road electric vehicles.

Out of all of its attributes, its safety features are the most impressive. A full-coverage roll cage with fixed side bars and a race-worthy 4-point safety harness provide both youth and adult riders with peace of mind even when driving on the most challenging terrain.

No gas engine means no messy oil changes or fuel to haul or handle. The TORQ's smart design means you'll enjoy super low maintenance. Just plug in the onboard charger, and when the light turns green, you're ready to go. It's that easy.

One of TORQ's most unique features is its ability to easily convert from standard automotive-style brake and throttle controls to controls that are designed for those with limited mobility, utilizing a well-designed and easy-to-use system by SureGrip. Built by the folks that developed the same setup for use on highway/passenger car applications, these controls install fast and easy, since each TORQ has the systems' anchor points already engineered into the frame.

So don't wait. Check out the new 2-seater TORQ VLE to see why its the lightest, quietest and fastest electric ATV on the market.

Visit the TORQ website at www.torq-vle. Also, please check out and like the TORQ Facebook page for additional information, giveaways and contests.


The TORQ VLE off-road electric vehicle boasts the most innovative combination of silence, safety and performance ever engineered into an off-road vehicle. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., this driver-only vehicle performs quicker, quieter, lighter and tighter than any other electric vehicle on the market. The TORQ is the perfect vehicle for hunters, nature lovers and recreational drivers who want a vehicle that can provide superior speed and maneuverability without compromising safety or silence.

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