Internet gun shop sold 30,000 AR-15s since Orlando shooting (VIDEO)

Tom Engle, owner of Hunter’s Warehouse, said in the week following the Orlando nightclub shooting, his internet-based business has sold around 30,000 AR-15s.

Engle said at any given time his operation has 300,000 to 400,000 weapons available for purchase, but stressed that buying one isn’t as easy as purchasing a pair of shoes off of eBay.

Engle explained that although the purchases are internet-based, buyers must still abide by their own state’s gun laws, and have the firearm shipped through an FFL, which will conduct a background check before the transaction is completed.

Engle also noted that the increase in sales of America’s most popular rifle isn’t a direct result of the shooting.

“Shootings don’t push up gun sales. It’s when the government starts talking about banning particular guns and up go gun sales,” Engle said. “When people lose their right to buy a particular gun or a particular type of gun, they go after them and they want them then.”

Engle said his AR-15 inventory ranges in price from around $350 to $8,000.

[ Fox Business ]

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