Internet Customized Gun and Gear Cases?

At the NRA Convention be sure to visit Booth 2740 and see how easy it is to have your gun or equipment case economically and expertly customized to precisely hold your firearms, gear or other valuables.

NRA's 145th Annual Meetings & Exhibits 2016
NRA’s 145th Annual Meetings & Exhibits 2016
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AmmoLand Gun News

Paterson, NJ -( My Case Builder makes incredible precision protective foam liners for gun and many other equipment cases – and you can do it online at

This pre-NRA Convention release will not go into great detail like a following release will – but you’ll get the idea. Its effectiveness and how easily they can meet a consumer’s custom requirements for a perfect foam lined firearm case or supply just the liner to fit their existing case is something to see and experience.

If you are attending the NRA Convention, you must visit Booth 2740 and watch how ridiculously easy it is to make your own hi-tech custom gun or gear case via the Internet and have it affordably in your hands in 7-9 business days!

A bit of background: Years ago, My Case Builder developed a computer program that allows them to easily design and precisely cut a more effective foam liner for an existing gun case, or create a liner for one of several gun case brands My Case Builder has in stock. How precise is the fit? About two sheets of paper tight. On top of that, My Case Builder uses military-grade polyethylene liner foam, not soft, rubbery foam that does not protect well to begin with and/or compresses to uselessness in a year or two.

How does it work? My Case Builder developed computer layouts for almost all guns and gear (magazines, scopes, whatever) and their variations and put it online. The consumer goes to and follows the easy prompts for their gun(s) gear and goodies using their own case or one of My Case Builder’s stocked brands.

Next, the type and number of content cutouts for gun and gear is picked by the consumer, and the buyer indicates where he/she wants it positioned in the case then click and submit. If your plan and choices pass My Case Builder’s free function/protection check, the liner is precision cut by water jet to fit the gun and gear and shipped out in 7-9 business days. (If your arrangement doesn’t pass muster, company reps will work with you until does and at no cost!)

Why has no one else tried this at this at a mass production level?
It won’t work well for the consumer!

Actually, there are rumors that a major case company has recently copied much of My Case Builder’s program and may try to duplicate My Case Builder’s system, but the fact is that My Case Builder has the concept, the program, the decades of experience, and the top-level first hand call in customer service that a production case company simply cannot provide. And the bottom line is: My Case Builder does custom work with a personal touch at a production price.

This is really a cool thing so please come by NRA Convention Booth 2740 and see for yourself or check it out at