Info wanted on armed robbery at Baltimore gun store (VIDEO)

Authorities are asking for help identifying three men suspected of robbing a Baltimore gun shop in April.

In a statement issued June 2, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says the incident occurred at Clyde’s Sport Shop on April 6.

Surveillance video from the store shows three men positioning themselves by a dumpster behind the shop at 8:25 pm. Then, with two armed with pistols, they entered the store and forced an employee to the back.

One of the suspects attempted to steal several AR-15 rifles from behind the counter while the other two were in the back holding the employee on the floor at gunpoint.

As the one suspect made his way towards the exit, he dropped the rifles when he heard gunshots. He ran out of the store with the other two following behind. All three fled on foot in the direction of Hammonds Ferry Road in Baltimore County. No one was injured in the robbery attempt.

If anyone has any information or can identify the armed robbers, you are asked to call the Baltimore FBI at 410-265-8080.

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