Improve Food Plot Production with A Ranew’s Stand-Alone Cultipacker

A Ranew's Stand-Alone Cultipacker
A Ranew’s Stand-Alone Cultipacker
Ranew's Outdoor Equipment
Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment

USA -( After putting in the expense and long hours of work to plan, clear, disc and plant food plots, many hunters and habitat managers are disappointed when the food plots “come up” looking thin and spotty.

The yield just isn’t as heavy as it should have been.
Typically, the problem is not defective seed. The problem may be lack of good seed-to-soil contact or that small-seed crops end up being planted too deeply to sprout – especially for land managers who either do not use a cultipacker or use one that is homemade.

The first step for anyone not using a cultipacker and whose food plots have less than ideal yields is to check out Ranew’s Outdoors line of stand-alone cultipackers.

Ranew’s makes the full line of Firminator food plot implements that can disc, seed and cultipack any food plot.


They also make heavy-duty stand-alone cultipackers for land managers who already have discs and seed-planting equipment.

Each Ranew’s cultipacker is a heavy, cylindrical implement that slightly compresses the soil after the seeds have been planted.

That’s particularly important for small seed crops like clover, alfalfa and chicory, which are often planted too deeply to sprout when the field is smoothed by something other than a cultipacker.

Even large-seed crops like corn can fail to fully sprout if they are broadcast seeded.

Ranew’s cultipackers rotate smoothly as they cross the field, which avoids “pushing” soil and thus assures uniform planting depths – one of the main problems with using “homemade” cultipackers.

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment produces a reliable heavy duty stand-alone cultipacker- offered in standard and professional models.

The standard model features 9-inch heavy duty cast iron cultipacker wheels, high-speed greasable bearings, and category 1 and 2 hitch pins.

The professional model comes with upgraded 16 inch cast iron cultipacker wheels to create the best seed to soil contact possible and a super firm packed seedbed.

Both models are built of the same heavy 3-inch square tubing that Firminator frames are made of. Both standard and professional grades come in 6- and 8-foot widths, with almost any custom width available as well.

Construction and quality-control of Ranew’s cultipackers takes place in the USA. Ranew’s equipment is well built, tough and durable. They work hard so your work is easier.

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